well… yep. what can I say? you know how much I love Jen, right? I really do for more than 8 years now, I even have dreams about her… BUT I expected waaaay more than this… 
but I’m sure those men with a very dirty mind will enjoy it bc in some scenes it doesn’t look like water but more like if they were bathed in * sigh* yes, I will say it, cum. 
and also, this whole lesbian-feeling (what is appealing to me tbh) was already done by Shak&Rihanna, and this too much Booty looks like it’s a sequel for Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda and the whole vibration… those with epilepsy shouldn’t watch it at all… and I could go on and on about how trashy and cheap it looks like and also WTF Iggy Azalea? who is she at all? 
so yeah, sorry Jen but you can do way more better than this. it’s just not fair because I really, really like the original song (with Pitbull, of course), it’s my ringtone! that’s how much I like it! and after all those very well choreographed live performances Jen had done in the past months I expected waaay more. Honestly this could be a bathingsuit commercial for adults or idk. But not a music video of a popdiva. 
But of course there are many good scenes in the video from which I will possibly do some gifs for -at least- my joy, but overall this is not what we got used to during the years. 

So yeah I’m disappointed. I’m sorry.

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